Proof Of Quality

Here at Giant Industrial Group, we take great care in reaching the highest standards of production. Our facility includes a quality assurance department that follows all our products throughout the production stage, taking several daily samples and testing their compatibility with global standards that meet the expectations of any country which our products reach.

Our Quality Assurance Process Entails The Following Steps:

  1. Testing crude resources in the pre-production phase.
  2. Supervising the production team- whether each is fulfilling their responsibilities, and also checking the conditions of each member’s sterilized suit, needed to avoid any risk of contamination.
  3. Making sure that the final product quality and safety standards are compatible with standards set forth by Jordanian authorities, the authorities of all countries to which GIG exports, as well as the standards given by all our partners and agents.
  4. Evaluating the storage facility’s conditions.
  5. Checking and rechecking production and expiration dates, and making all appropriate changes.

Our Quality Assurance Department Has Several Tools at Its Disposal Which Enhance the Factory’s Quality Assurance Process, These Are:

  • GIG’s research and development office, which provides support with running and reviewing all machinery at the facility.
  • GIG’s regulatory experts, who review the work of the quality assurance department and make sure that all necessary environmental and industrial regulations are followed.


This entire process was greatly improved after GIG recently implemented the EPR management system.