We are extremely proud that 98% of all the materials used in our production are eco-friendly and that’s a great honor to us.


Moreover, GIG runs periodical tests regularly to the facility’s vicinity in order to review whether any health or environmental hazards are present. Based on that, we make sure to avoid the side-effects of working with certain chemical components by sterilizing our facility continuously.


GiG translated its strong sense of responsibility towards our environment into significant steps towards protecting the environment and reducing the group’s carbon footprint.


As such, GiG’s erected Jordan’s largest rooftop solar panel project at its facilities; the solar produced from these panels covers over 65% of GiG’s electricity consumption.


On the other hand, GiG allocated 22,000 Square Meters of land to create Jordan’s largest privately-owned farm planted with Paulownia trees and irrigated by treated water first used in GiG’s production facilities.