About us

Our company is specialized in producing home, personal care, cloth care products. It has been established in 1991. We started as a small family business with one production line which is Al Emlaq Super Gel: a green multipurpose cleaning product. From the very beginning; GIG used to follow strategic thinking and long-term planning; therefore, it has been growing, rapidly.



The main pillar and the
foundation that GiG
builds all its success on.
As such, GiG sought to
qualify for the highest
levels of international
quality certification for all
its factories.



In line with its commitment towards fulfilling the needs of its customers, GiG continuously develops and adds new lines to its family of home, garments & personal care products.



GiG is keen on positively contributing to the wellbeing of its surroundings and community. As such, the Giant Industrial Group (GiG) upholds the highest environmentally friendly standards across all its operations; GiG’s factories are all powered by the largest solar power plant in Jordan. GiG also runs Jordan’s biggest Paulownia farm where it tends to over 22000 trees



Giant Industrial Group (GiG) approach towards
development is a multi-track one. The group works in parallel on upgrading its technology, enhancing its
quality control abilities to match the highest international standards.



Our partners were key contributors to every success throughout our journey. Here at GiG, we believe that working closely with those who share our work ethic is the secret to consistent and continuous growth.